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Hamline University Boasts a 163-year-old Trailblazing History, and Routinely Makes it to America’s Top College Lists

Since its inception in 1854, Hamline has pioneered education with an emphasis on innovative learning, community service, and social justice. Its first graduates were two trendsetting sisters, who were also the first college graduates in the state. With students from 38 states and 35 countries and courses spanning over 50 areas of study; Hamline has held true to its traditions, while routinely ranking in the Top 20 Colleges in the Midwest.

Using Spanning Backup has allowed me to be less concerned about risk to the documents that we put into Google Drive.
— ANTHONY SCHROEDER, Director of Infrastructure Services, Hamline University

Hamline Chose Spanning Backup for Google Workspace to Ease Their Transition to the Cloud

For Hamline University, Google Workspace is their lifeline — enabling faculty and staff to collaboratively work together on documents and spreadsheets in real time. On the flip side, however, with so many people making changes to each other’s work and using their own devices, there’s a risk of accidental/malicious deletion, and malware attacks…all probable risks on the customer’s side that are not covered by Google. Hamline understood the dangers of data loss, and made backup a priority.

“Having a good backup solution for Google Workspace was very important for the success of migrating our users from our on-premise system to the cloud. It gives us the peace of mind that our data is safe,” says Anthony Schroeder, Hamline University’s Director of Infrastructure Services.

The fact that Spanning is part of the Cloud Alliance for Google Workspace, and that Spanning Backup had a better interface than the other solution we considered, made the decision very easy.
— ANTHONY SCHROEDER, Director of Infrastructure Services, Hamline University

Hamline chose Spanning for its intuitive UI and compliance with high security standards. Schroeder adds, “Overall, we liked Spanning’s “partnership” approach to business, and building relationships with customers.”

Worry-Free, Comprehensive Protection for Your Google Workspace Data and Apps

Spanning has delivered exactly what Schroeder wanted: a well-protected environment in the cloud for his IT staff, and students and faculty who use Google Workspace daily for their work.

“Spanning has enabled us to show people that all their data is being backed up, which has really helped quell some of their concerns with the data being in the cloud,” Schroeder says. “They can see it for themselves every time they use Google Workspace.”

It was clear from the beginning that Spanning was interested in a true partnership, and that’s what we were looking for.
— ANTHONY SCHROEDER, Director of Infrastructure Services, Hamline University

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