Tquila Relies on SaaS App Backup for Born-in-the-Cloud Business Model

Tquila depends on cloud applications to effectively run their technology consulting business. “Our business is founded on cloud. We eat, breathe, and sleep cloud,” says Bashir Qaasim, Tquila’s Director of Sales and Insight Practice.

Since Google Workspace and Salesforce are both vital to the business and used by every member of the company, backup and recovery for data stored in these applications are a top priority for Tquila, according to Bashir. “As a company grows, the likelihood of users accidentally deleting data in Google Apps and Salesforce increases.”

To learn more from Bashir Qaasim about the critical need for backup and recovery for SaaS applications, where your cloud vendors may be falling short in protecting your data, and the most important features to look for in a backup and restore solution, read the full customer case study here.