Cross-User Restore in Spanning Backup for Google Apps

When do I need the Cross-User Restore feature?

Being able to restore Google Apps¬†data comes in handy in cases where a user leaves the company and someone new needs to take over their work. It’s also useful in legal matters where all of the data may need to be restored to an administrator’s account so it can be searched. Whatever the reason, Spanning Backup for Google Apps offers you this capability, and many of our customers have found it invaluable. Check out how it works in this video and try it now free for 14 days here.


Today I’m going to show you how to perform a cross-user restore in Spanning Backup for Google Apps. This may be useful if you’ve recently had an employee leave the company and need to transfer some documents from their account to a different account.

To start with, you’ll need to be logged in as the administrator. I’m going to choose the employee’s account, and when I do so I get a notification saying that I am now impersonating that user. I’ll click to go to the restore tab, and I’m going to choose a folder to restore. Now, when I hit Restore, since I’m logged in as an administrator, I get a question about the restore destination, it asked me which account I would like to restore to. I can restore the information to the existing employee’s account, to my administrator account, or to another account. I’m going to choose to restore it to a different employee’s account. And down here I’m going to check ‘Restore Sharing Settings’ so that we can keep those intact. When I’m done, you can see that I get some notifications down here telling me that the restore has been queued up. And now when I go into that employee’s account there is a restored folder in their drive, and if I click on that I see the file that I just restored from the other employee’s account. It’s that easy..