Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

Christopher Gleeson, Manager of Messaging & Collaboration for the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, knows that establishing a solid data protection plan is a standard best practice, even when using Google Apps for Education. He knows that the centerpiece of any good data protection plan is a backup and recovery solution, without which data loss would be an ever-present threat to the hard work his faculty and students do every day. Christopher went looking for an answer to the data protection problem and found Google Apps backup in the form of Spanning Backup for Google Apps.

Now, his school is safe from accidental or malicious data loss and Christopher can focus on more important things.

“Using Spanning Backup has allowed me to focus my time and energy on improving and developing new services for our users and community, comfortable that the ‘headache’ of data protection is being handled so well and so thoroughly.”

Read more about why the Smith School of Business switched to Google Apps, why their work needs backing up and why they chose Spanning Backup for Google Apps to do it.