Spanning Backup for Salesforce

Salesforce backup and restore protects critical sales and customer data

Spanning Backup for Salesforce is the first and only backup and restore solution delivered directly within the Salesforce interface. Backing up and recovering from data loss is easy with Spanning Backup’s automated, secure, point-in-time backups and granular, on-page restores. It enables administrators and end-users to get data back fast and continue being productive.

Spanning Backup for Salesforce backs up everything - from user-generated reports, dashboards, custom views and email templates to objects, custom objects, files, attachments, and metadata. It's always running in the background, available for on-demand, anytime backups as well as providing automated, daily backups.

  • Only on-page, direct restore. Administrators and end-users can quickly compare and restore point-in-time versions of Salesforce records and attachments.
  • Only in-app backup solution for Salesforce. You can use Spanning Backup right inside of Salesforce where your data lives and where you work.
  • Stay informed with Chatter notifications. Follow backup and recovery events in your Chatter feed to stay in control in real time.
  • Say goodbye to weekly exports. You can always export the data you need at any time. There’s no longer a need for the headache of manual exports to back up your data.
  • Stay compliant and secure. Rest easy knowing your data is secure in our SSAE 16 certified service. All restores are made as the end user, enforcing field-level security.
  • Gain full visibility into backup activity and proactive alerts. You have complete transparency into all activity and configuration changes. And issues or partial backups are highlighted so that you can resolve issues quickly.  

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Detailed reporting of backup results:  Monitor your daily Salesforce backups and quickly review the status, including the new and updated data and any errors or warnings that may need attention.

Monitor and control API usage:  Monitor and control the number of API calls used by Spanning Backup each day     





Point-in-time restore: Simple two-step process compares and restores previous versions of Salesforce records from any point-in-time backup.

Granular field restore: Enables the user to compare and select individual record fields to restore, such as phone numbers, opportunity amounts and attachments.

Secure restore: Performs all restores as the user who is logged in to Salesforce, enforcing field-level security. All restores are fully audited and available for review by the administrator



Interactive chatter posts: Publishes interactive chatter posts to administrators to keep them informed of all backup and recovery activities and configuration changes. (Available with the Salesforce Spring ’14 release.)

Delivered within Salesforce: Spanning Backup is available directly inside of Salesforce, where employees and administrators work. 






Salesforce Backup now available on mobile

Backup monitoring & notifications: Monitor the status of backups and to be notified of any errors or issues in the status dashboard.

Activity monitoring: Track all activities including backups, restores and exports

Mobile integration: Receive proactive updates for key backup and recovery activities in the Salesforce1 Chatter newsfeed



Point-in-time exports: Easily navigate to any previous backup and to recover data through granular exports.

Granular export: Easily search, find and select specific items or all items to export.

Complete backup status: Monitor and resolve backup errors with a detailed, actionable status history, complete with error-correction instructions. 



Product Demo: How to Backup Salesforce with Spanning Backup


Our approach is designed to accommodate the needs of organizations of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're a company of 5 or 50,000 Spanning Backup provides full enterprise-grade protection for the information and processes that you rely on to run your business.

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