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Lori Witzel

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Spanning Backup for Salesforce

Lori Witzel, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Spanning by EMC and Salesforce MVP '15, brings hands-on experience as a SaaS app administrator to her role on the Product Team at Spanning. She shares a unique, research-informed perspective on the importance of SaaS data protection for readers of the blog, The Core EMC blog, and to the Salesforce Success Community's many User and Developer Groups.

Do You Really Know the Difference Between Google Vault and Google Apps Backup Software?

Have you ever asked: “What is Google Vault?”


Going to #Dreamforce17? 5 Tips to Build a Backup Plan for Must-See Sessions

If you’re going to Dreamforce next week, you’ve read a lot about “must-see sessions” — and you may know how hard it is to get into every session you want to attend. Since Spanning is all about a better way to backup and recover critical Salesforce data and metadata, we thought we’d share 5 tips […]


Google Account Recovery for Deleted Accounts: What Are Your Options?

A Google admin may need to not only restore lost Gmail or Drive data, but may also need to recover all data for deleted accounts. This could happen if an end user is phished or hacked (see this recent Google phishing exploit for one such scenario.) Or, as our friends at the Alzheimer’s Association have […]


4 Easy Steps to Bulk Restore Lost Salesforce Data for Specific Fields

If you’re a Salesforce admin or developer, there are few things scarier than accidentally overwriting massive amounts of data in specific fields due to a bad app integration or an incorrectly configured upload…especially because it’s easy to miss the error until days later, after other (good) changes have been made. Spanning Backup for Salesforce now […]


What is the #SalesforceOhana, and Why Does It Matter?

It was a privilege to join my Salesforce admin and developer friends on Sept. 21 for the annual San Antonio Salesforce User Group MVP Super Session. I was delighted to share Spanning’s “aha! moment” on the need for third-party data backup and restore with the diverse professionals in the session, and it was an honor […]


3 Options for Restoring Lost Data in Google Apps

With Google’s recently announced Data Loss Prevention feature, you may think your Google Apps domain is safe enough, but you’d be wrong. Their Data Loss prevention will protect Google Apps Unlimited customers in rule-based ways, but can do nothing to protect customers from sync errors, or errors where admins or users accidentally delete critical email.


The “Salesforce Selfie” Community Survey: #AwesomeAdmins Give Back

If you’re a Salesforce admin or developer, whether you’re going to Dreamforce ‘17 or not, join your friends and peers in giving back to help homeless children by taking this year’s “Salesforce Selfie” Community Survey. As Spanning has done in 2014, 2015, and 2016, we’re asking all #AwesomeAdmins and amazing Salesforce developers to complete a […]


[Videos] How To Backup and Recover Salesforce Data

It’s only 67 days until Dreamforce ‘17, but Salesforce Admins and Developers don’t need to wait to protect their critical business data and metadata in Salesforce. In this blog, you’ll discover “how to” videos that will show you a better way to restore lost data in use cases like these. Recovering faster from a Salesforce […]


Women in Tech, Diversity and Equality, and the Salesforce Ohana

The Salesforce developers and admins at Forcelandia’s “Women in Tech Breakfast” and at Midwest Dreamin’ are exemplars of a powerful paradigm shift in tech – an increase in inclusion and diversity that benefits technologists and their organizations. Further, the significant number of men attending the Forcelandia “Women In Tech Breakfast” (see the image below) shows […]


Forcelandia: Salesforce Admin + Dev Leadership & Learning in the Pacific Northwest

Spanning will be there to help #backthatsaasup If you’re a Salesforce Admin or Developer, you likely know their names. You may even follow them on Twitter. But if you live or work in the Pacific Northwest, you can learn directly from these Salesforce leaders at Forcelandia 17. You might even raise a local IPA together, […]