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Lori Witzel

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Spanning Backup for Salesforce

Lori Witzel, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Spanning by EMC and Salesforce MVP '15, brings hands-on experience as a SaaS app administrator to her role on the Product Team at Spanning. She shares a unique, research-informed perspective on the importance of SaaS data protection for readers of the blog, The Core EMC blog, and to the Salesforce Success Community's many User and Developer Groups.

So You’re Adopting Google Team Drives: 4 Fast Backup and Data Protection Facts

Google’s recent release of Team Drives for G Suite Drive has sysadmins and cloud IT teams talking up a storm across social media. Here’s just a sample. In this blog post, we’ll go beyond those conversations to answer some of the questions we’ve heard directly from Spanning customers and other Google sysadmins, such as: What […]


Stop Wrestling with the Salesforce Export

Save Hours Each Week While Protecting Salesforce Data. Experienced Salesforce admins and developers, like those attending #SalesforceTour Chicago, know the value of their Salesforce data and metadata for managing and meeting organizational goals. But even experienced Salesforce professionals can be unaware of the causes, and real risks, of data loss—much less how to recover quickly. […]


Salesforce Data Protection Around the Globe: Spanning at Salesforce World Tours

Salesforce refers to their global community of admins and developers as #Ohana, or family. It’s a vibrant, diverse community with strong engagement in every corner of the globe, and one we are proud to be a member of. This year, Spanning embarked on a journey across the globe to meet Ohana members and listen to […]


New Feature for Spanning Backup for Salesforce: Overwrite Field Values in Bulk Restore

Salesforce admins and developers trust Spanning to provide not just backup, but restore perfection: the ability to quickly and easily restore items to the way they were at any point in time. Based on admin input and in line with our focus on restore perfection, we are introducing new functionality: the ability to overwrite field […]


Going to #salesforcetour London? Learn from Annika Milton of adidas Group

Are you a Salesforce developer or admin who’ll be attending the Salesforce World Tour London (#salesforcetour) on May 18, 2017? If yes, you’ll have the opportunity to learn directly from our customer Annika Milton, Senior Project Manager, adidas Group, when she presents at 12 pm in the Partner Theater on the expo floor. Annika’s work […]


Salesforce Admins and Developers: Learning, Diversity and Data Protection, Texas-Style

Salesforce admins and developers in the Lone Star State, Texas Dreamin’ and Salesforce Saturday in Austin will bring more than 30 presentations and a diverse brain trust of MVPs and Community leaders to help you sharpen your skills and build your network. We’re delighted to support both events. At Texas Dreamin’, you’ll learn from Salesforce […]


The Salesforce World Tour Hannover at CeBit 2017: Growing Salesforce Interest in Germany

The Salesforce World Tour Hannover was held at CeBIT 2017, focusing on their new Lightning Experience, and supporting the rapid growth of Salesforce in Germany following the launch of their German data center in 2015. In this post, you’ll learn more about Salesforce’s impact in Germany, the Salesforce World Tour in Hannover, and what Salesforce […]


New Feature for Spanning Backup for Salesforce: Metadata Comparison

We’ve heard from a number of Salesforce admins and developers that they spend too much time manually comparing metadata when preparing restores, or when getting ready to refresh or populate Sandboxes. Salesforce developers and admins also asked for a better way to identify what metadata may have changed since a specific point-in-time backup. With Spanning […]


What State and Local Governments Need to Know About Risks in G Suite and Office 365

Software as a Service (SaaS) collaborative platform adoption is increasing among state and local government for many good reasons–but along with increased adoption comes added risk. In this blog, you’ll learn more about why SaaS collaboration platforms are becoming more widely used by state and local governments; the new division of responsibility for those adopting […]


How G Suite admins can prepare for the next Google Drive service disruption

Google reported a four-hour long disruption of service for Google Drive customers on Tuesday, January 17th, 2017. If you are an admin for any of the impacted Drive customers, you may have heard from your users that they could log in, but could not access their data. Hopefully, none of your executives needed to access […]