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Lori Witzel

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Spanning Backup for Salesforce

Lori Witzel, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Spanning Cloud Apps and Salesforce MVP ’15-’18, brings hands-on experience as a SaaS app administrator to her role on the Product Team at Spanning. She shares a unique, research-informed perspective on the importance of SaaS data protection for readers of the blog, SalesforceBen’s blog, and to the Salesforce Success Community’s many User and Developer Groups.

2019 SaaS Trends: If the Climate’s Sunny, Why’s the Forecast Mixed?

The adoption of SaaS applications is projected to grow at double-digit rates through 2019, according to Bain & Co.; projections for SaaS growth per Gartner are similar. In 2019, those organizations wanting the benefits of SaaS applications will find themselves in good company. The climate for adopting SaaS is sunny, trending up and to the right. But a trend in the climate isn’t the same as a trend in the weather — and MSPs and IT managers at mid-market organizations need to be aware of this distinction as they plan for (more) SaaS adoption in 2019.


Dreamforce: A People Conference Disguised as a Tech Conference

Dreamforce ‘18 is a wrap. Our friends in the Salesforce Ohana have unpacked their Astro and Appy plushies, and are digging through piles of emails after what was an amazing week. Read Salesforce MVPLori Witzel’s take on Dreamforce ’18 tied to the Salesforce values of Trust, Customer Success, Innovation and Equality that centers on people.


Salesforce Trailblazer Community Survey Reveals Ongoing Upward Trends in Skill Growth, Minority Representation

Dreamforce ‘18 is upon us — as is our fifth year of the “Salesforce Selfie” Trailblazer Community Survey (review the surveys for 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017). Survey findings are shared back into the Community in the form of infographic highlights and reports that can help you benchmark your organization and your Salesforce career compared with peers. Over the past five years, we see the impact of Salesforce embracing and supporting equality in tech.


5 Steps to Take Now to Reduce Data Loss Risk When Employees Leave

The most common scenario risk of human-based data loss is when employees leave an organization, either willingly or unwillingly. And that is cause for concern for an IT manager or system administrator. Here are the 5 steps to take now to reduce the risk of data loss when an employee leaves.


Simplifying the 3-2-1 Rule for Data Protection in the Age of the Cloud

The 3-2-1 rule has historically been the industry’s golden rule for managing backups. IT teams, however, are beginning to wonder whether those legacy practices are overkill in the age of cloud and SaaS applications. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the origins of that rule, hear what Spanning’s Director of Products has to say about it, and explore ways to streamline the 3-2-1 rule while minimizing data loss risks.


What CEOs and CFOs Should Know: The 7 Costs of SaaS Data Loss

Data protection and recovery are not just problems for the IT department. As organizations large and small seek advantages by adopting cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, they face new risks to business continuity that affect all departments. In addition to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), senior executives all the way up to the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) need to understand these risks, as they affect all departments and aspects of a business. Read this article to learn how data loss risk has changed since the advent of SaaS, and the seven ways organizations can win by not losing SaaS data.


Google Vault and Spanning Backup: Two Great Products. Two Different Purposes.

When considering options for data backup, G Suite Admins often investigate Vault as a potential solution or assume that their current use of the app covers all their backup and recovery needs. Here we explain the core capabilities of Vault and how it differs from a true backup and recovery solution like Spanning Backup for G Suite.


3 Power User Tips for Google SysAdmins: Go Beyond Backup With Spanning

Not all G Suite Systems administrators are aware of Google’s data protection gaps, but if you’re already a Spanning customer, thankfully you’ve got that covered. However, whether you’re a Spanning Backup customer yet or not, in this blog you will find three power user tips to go beyond backup and help save you time. And if you are a customer, these tips will help you make the most of your Spanning Backup subscription.


Tips and Tricks for Salesforce Admins and Developers: What You Never Knew Spanning Could Do

At Spanning, our customers are at the heart of everything we do — from design to delivery to ensuring that our product works the way you expect, to providing enterprise-grade security and world-class support. In this blog for Salesforce admins and developers, we go deep and beyond backup, to share some useful tips and features so you can make the most of your Spanning Backup subscription.


What is Good Governance in the Age of Office 365?

A good governance plan is essential to helping your organization achieve its goals and mission. In addition, a good governance plan is key to maintaining risk management and compliance. In this blog post, you’ll learn practical definitions of what governance is — and what it isn’t — and why and how to go beyond good governance to data protection.