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Matt McDermott

Director of Product Management, Spanning Backup for Office 365

Matthew is the Director of Product Management for Spanning Backup for Office 365. A 13-time Microsoft Office Apps and Services MVP, he spends his professional time working to build best of breed solutions for Office 365 and Azure. Matthew is a speaker, content author, blogger, and specialist in SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure technologies. An accomplished photographer, cook, and bartender, in his spare time Matt spends as much time with his wife as his dog will allow.

Spanning Release Notes: Error Only Email — Spanning Backup for Office 365

Error Only Email — the newest feature in Spanning Backup for Office 365 — is now live. See how it can help customers by enabling external workflows for systems like BMS, ConnectWise and Microsoft Power Automate.


Spanning Backup for Office 365 PowerShell Module Update

Spanning is pleased to bring you a few updates to our popular PowerShell. This release,, adds a Connection parameter that makes automation with Azure Automation Runbooks easier and more secure. In addition, we added a page size parameter to the User request to make it easier to fetch batches of users in fewer requests.


Spanning Release Notes: Office 365 Backup with Integrated Dark Web Monitoring

Keep your Office 365 credentials and data secured with the new Spanning Office 365 Backup feature — Dark Web monitoring.


Why Granular SharePoint Backup and Recovery is Important

Selective, granular SharePoint backup and recovery can help organizations to meet security standards, comply with industry regulations, and reduce liabilities. Learn why a blanket backup solution is not always the best option.


5 Steps to Securing Your Office 365 Migration

Phenomenal security and compliance attributes are amongst the many advantages of migrating from on-premises to Office 365. Here are 5 steps to harnessing them.


Site Swap: Revamping Your SharePoint Sites

SharePoint’s Site Swap command lets you easily convert a classic root site to a modern SharePoint site. Here is a walkthrough of how you can use Site Swap to get a revamped SharePoint site, as well as some backup caveats you would need to keep in mind.


Two New Features for Spanning Backup for Office 365

Spanning is very pleased to announce two new features for Spanning Backup for Office 365 that we think will delight Spanning Admins and users: Contacts and Site Collections backup.


Why Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Is a Must-Have in the Microsoft World and Beyond

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) combines what the user knows (password), with what the user has (security token) and what the user is (biometric verification) to ensure user identity. Learn why this verification method is vital in today’s world.


Forming a Backup Strategy: 4 Steps to Follow

A comprehensive backup strategy is an essential part of an organization’s cyber safety net and it’s important to have one outlined & put in place before a data loss event occurs. Follow these four steps to help you form a strategy that is right for your organization.


6-Point Office 365 Post-Migration Checklist

Plan for your post-migration with the same enthusiasm as your Office 365 migration planning. Significantly offset the post-migration chaos by adhering to this six-point post-migration checklist.