Articles By Shyam Oza

Shyam Oza

Director of Product Management

As Director of Product Management, Shyam is responsible for understanding the needs of Spanning’s G Suite and Salesforce customers and defining the future of the company’s innovative line of products for protecting data in the cloud. Shyam brings 10 years of experience managing, marketing, designing, delivering, and supporting enterprise software products. Over the years he has done everything from teach video game design to transforming legacy enterprise business models to fully take advantage of SaaS technology and Agile methodologies. Shyam graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a B.A. in Information Systems and holds a CSPO® (Certified Product Owner) certification from the Scrum Alliance.

Salesforce Backup Best Practices

Data loss, corruption, duplication, deletion and overwrite are common in Salesforce. Learn more about best practices for Salesforce backup and data protection.


Data Protection Solutions: Safeguard Your Data From Cyberattacks & Other Threats

“Data really powers everything that we do.” — Jeff Weiner, executive chairman of LinkedIn It is often said that data is the new oil, which means data is the most valuable resource in the world currently. Irrespective of what data scientists and experts might say, in today’s data-driven business environment, information is one of the [...]


Backup Encryption: What It Is and Why It’s Important for Data Security

Backup encryption is the process of converting backups from plaintext to ciphertext using mathematical algorithms and encryption keys for maximum data security.


Salesforce Data Export: A Reliable Backup & Recovery Tool?

Salesforce Data Export allows you to export data from your Salesforce org for backup purposes. But is it a reliable backup and recovery tool?


Types of Malware: How to Detect and Prevent Them

Malware attacks are costly and destructive. Learn about the different types of malware, how they work and how to protect your data from these threats.


Salesforce Data Recovery Service: A Good Backup Option?

Salesforce retired — and then brought back — its data recovery service. Learn why it was reintroduced and why third-party backup is still a necessity.


Spanning Backup for Salesforce Feature Retrospective

Here at Spanning, we’re constantly innovating. Get a look at some of the new capabilities we’ve added to Spanning Backup for Salesforce.


File Inclusion Vulnerabilities — Web-based Application Security, Part 9

PHP File Inclusion represents a security flaw in web applications that can result in information disclosure. Learn more about LFI and RFI vulnerabilities.


Directory Traversal — Web-based Application Security, Part 8

Directory traversal is a web application security vulnerability that allows unauthorized users to access files from different folders or directories that they would otherwise be restricted from accessing.


Mobile Malware: What Makes It Dangerous?

Cybercriminals are using mobile malware to get their hands on business data stored on your smartphone. Learn all about the types of mobile malware out there and what protection measures you can take to repel them.