Is your cloud strategy on solid ground? Learn how to protect PHI in SaaS apps.

Whitepaper: HIPAA Compliance for SaaS ApplicationsHealthcare payers and providers, as well as organizations in the pharmaceutical industry, are faced with unique challenges in our hyper-connected era. While being expected to improve speed, quality, and accessibility of care and operations, they’re also required to maintain strict privacy and security standards in order to comply with industry mandates, like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Healthcare organizations are among the most vulnerable to data breaches

To make matters more grave, these organizations are often those most targeted and vulnerable to data disasters and cyberattacks, like the recent data heist at a southern California hospital. In fact, recent research by security company ESET and the Ponemon Institute indicates that healthcare organizations average about one cyber attack per month, with nearly 50% reporting incidents involving the loss or exposure of patient information during the last year. Forty-six percent of organizations surveyed said that breach, attack, or data loss they experienced led to an inability to provide services to their patients. Yet surprisingly, only only half the respondents reported having an incident response plan in place in case of an emergency or attack.

Learn how to protect health-related data in your SaaS environment

If your organization manages e-PHI in SaaS applications like Google Apps, Office 365, and Salesforce, you certainly should be considering not only how to remain compliant with HIPAA and other regulations, but also how you might recover from a cyberattack, data breach, or malicious insider activity.

To learn how to safeguard your organization’s cloud application data, compliance, productivity, and privacy of information, read our free whitepaper, Getting your cloud strategy on solid ground: Ensuring data protection in SaaS applications containing PHI. This resource will help you:             

  • Better understand your relationship with your selected cloud vendor;
  • Learn a few notable gaps in the native data protection provided by cloud providers; and,
  • Discover how to fill those gaps in order to ensure compliance with HIPAA and other standards surrounding data protection, retention, and accessibility.

HIPAA compliance whitepaper