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Spanning Backup for Google Apps is the most trusted SaaS application data backup and recovery solution on the market today. With enterprise-grade, robust backup and recovery capabilities, it protects all of your organization's Google Apps data from costly, and sometimes catastrophic, data loss – allowing users to get data back exactly the way it was in just a few clicks.

Your GmailDriveCalendarContacts and Sites will be automatically backed up daily to a private and secure sector of the AWS cloud with Spanning Backup for Google Apps. The solution protects copies of all your information, so if the original copy is compromised, you can rely on our intuitive interface to rapidly and accurately restore your data. We're so confident, we give all our customers the industry's first 100% Restore Guarantee for Google Apps

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Features of Backup for Google Apps


Trusted daily, automated backup for Google Drive, Gmail, Sites, Calendar, and Contacts. It's secure, it's affordable, and it's simple to use.


Quickly and accurately restore Docs, emails, and more from any point in time. So effective, it's backed by our 100% Restore Guarantee.


The power to keep your organization running no matter what. We don’t just protect data – we protect your peace of mind and bottom line.

100% Restore Guarantee

It's 100% Guaranteed

If we can back it up, we will restore it. If not, we give customers 10x the money back for 1 year of the individual account. Learn more here.

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Spanning Backup for Google Apps Key Capabilities

Google Apps backup

Google Apps backup

Automated daily and on-demand backups: ”Set it and forget it” with Spanning's automated daily backups. You can also perform additional backups on demand at any time.

Selective backups: Choose the specific applications, mail labels, calendars and contact groups you want to include in your backups.

Metadata backup: Back up and restore your Google Apps data to its full and original state – including document directory structure, nested folders, site structure, sharing and permissions settings and more.

Google Apps search and restore

Google Apps search and restore

Point-in-time restore: Access historical snapshots or versions of all your data and restore to any previous known-good state with 100% accuracy.

Email search and filter: Easily find and select emails to be restored by date, label, sender, and subject line.

Quick Drive search and navigation: Find and restore files from any point in time in their Drive folders or by using quick search to find them.

Cross-user restore: Restore data from one Google Apps user account into another (admin only).

Restore to file and whole account export: Export an entire account or a specific pieces - files, emails, folders - of backed up data in standard file formats.

Advanced administrator options

Advanced administrator options

User settings lock: Prevent user modifications to backup settings.

OU-aware license manager: Manage your software licenses at the organizational unit (OU) level, in addition to the individual user level.

Email retention with exclusion labels: Set the email retention policy for your whole domain and exclude certain labels if you choose.

Named administrators: Assign anyone to be a backup administrator - even if they’re not your Google Apps administrator.

Automated assignment of backup and recovery services: Automatically add Spanning Backup licenses to new users, ensuring that employees are protected from day one.

Administrator API: Integrate Spanning Backup into your automated onboarding and deprovisioning processes by leveraging user management and export APIs.

Complete status monitoring

Complete status monitoring

Status history: Monitor and resolve Google Apps backup errors and have complete confidence in your backups with our detailed, actionable status history, complete with error-correction instructions.

Status update emails: Set email notification frequency preferences – daily, weekly, monthly, never – for proactive automated backup status summaries.

Admin Audit Log: Maintain an immutable, detailed record of all administrator actions  and view it from your admin dashboard.

Special pricing is available for educational organizations and non-profits. Please contact us for more information.

Our approach is designed to accommodate the needs of all users – individuals and companies, regardless of type, size or flavor. Whether you're an individual or domain customer, Spanning Backup for Google Apps provides full business-class protection for all your data in Gmail, Drive, Sites, Calendars and Contacts.

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How to back up Google Apps with Spanning Backup

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