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Securing Your SaaS Backup — The What, Where, How, and Who

Relying on Google Workspace and Office 365 for protecting your business-critical data isn’t enough. The right backup and recovery solution is needed [...]

A Best Practices Guide: Realizing the Promises of Google Workspace for Education

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Preventing a Ransomware Disaster

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Getting your cloud strategy on solid ground: Protect data in cloud apps with PHI

If your organization manages e-PHI in cloud applications, the information in this whitepaper is key to keeping your organization compliant and product [...]

Complying with SaaS Data Management Principles: Australia and New Zealand

Review the key considerations and primary regulatory issues that organisations must consider as they prepare to adopt services such as Microsoft Offic [...]

3-Step Guide to SaaS Data Protection

Moving critical data from on-premises apps to cloud-based apps like Salesforce, Office 365, or Google Workspace? Follow these steps to ensure that you [...]

3-Step Guide to Protecting Data in Office 365

You’ve made the move to Office 365 to reap the benefits of the cloud. Now, to ensure business continuity and to meet compliance demands you need to [...]

3-Step Guide to Protecting Data in Salesforce

If your organization lost critical Salesforce data & metadata, how would you restore it? Learn about the benefits of using a third party backup soluti [...]

3-Step Guide to Protecting Data in Google Workspace

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3 Ways to Restore Salesforce Data

How do you know when you need to do more to protect your Salesforce data? Learn about the best methods for restoring your lost Salesforce data and mor [...]

Developer Guide: How to Make Your Force.com Canvas App Available on Salesforce1

With the launch of Salesforce1, it's becoming increasingly important to have your Force.com applications available on mobile. [...]

IDG Quick Pulse Survey Report: Cloud Data at Risk

Experts agree that relying on SaaS vendors to back up and restore your data is dangerous. Yet that's exactly what huge portions of the business world [...]

9 Essentials for a Complete Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Solution

In this white paper, we discuss the must-haves for a proper cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution. [...]