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Key Development Skills for IT Pros

Matthew McDermott joins Jeremy Thake in the Microsoft 365 Developer Podcast to talk about the IT Pro journey and how they can learn a lot from developers on working smarter with tools they have used for years.


HIFADO Alive and Well in Engineering

As VP of Engineering, my job is to deliver and support our three products—Spanning Backup for Office 365, Google Workspace and Salesforce—and lead the Development and DevOps teams that write the software and manage it in production. While I still love diving deep into technical issues, as a manager I find great satisfaction in helping […]


Can You Count on Your Data Protection Vendor to be Resilient?

Failures happen. Whether it’s a flat tire, a ransomware attack, or a service outage of a SaaS application that you rely on, it isn’t a question of if but when. To be fully prepared for a SaaS data loss event you need to have a strong recovery plan and you need to test it to […]


Dreamforce Session: Angular2 + Ng-Lightning + Lightning Design System = Great Apps

We hope you enjoyed Dreamforce last week! If you weren't able to attend the session “Angular2 + Ng-Lightning + Lightning Design System = Great Apps” with Patricia Cifra & Gordon Bockus, Software Engineers at Spanning, we've got it here for you. See what Patricia & Gordon covered below. Angular2 + Ng-Lightning + Lightning Design System = [...]