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5 Things Every MSP Should Know About HIPAA

There is no official “certification” in HIPAA recognized by the Federal government, therefore MSPs who work with healthcare providers or payers need to educate themselves on HIPAA compliance. Here are the top 5 things MSPs should know about HIPAA.


Healthcare IT Continues to Struggle with Backup Strategies

Improving IT security, reducing IT costs and delivering higher service levels are among the top IT priorities for the healthcare industry, according to the Kaseya 2018 State of IT Operations survey report. Are the right measures, however, being taken by the industry to secure this data?


HIPAA: Check your Backup and Restore Solution

Despite the huge damage of a data breach in terms of cost, reputation, and business losses, backup and recovery systems are currently in use at only 45% of surveyed healthcare organizations, and more than 38% are not planning to use backup and recovery systems at all. Why put yourself and your organization under the looming […]


Pointers for HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

SaaS applications like Google Workspace, Office 365, and Salesforce are revolutionizing the healthcare industry with improvements to agility, connectivity, and accessibility. On the flip side, Public Health Information (PHI) breaches are also on the rise and proper data protection remains a top concern. That is because PHI data is incredibly valuable on the black market; […]


Healthcare IT & Cloud Security: Top 4 Data Considerations

The healthcare industry is changing how it delivers patient care. With technology that enables greater collaboration for patient care, and with patient care delivery models shifting toward telemedicine and self-served healthcare, healthcare IT (HIT) finds itself thrust into the world of online collaboration platforms, SaaS, and cloud computing. As a highly regulated industry in which [...]


Avoiding Healthcare Data Loss in the Age of Ransomware

With the rapid rise of ransomware attacks across industries, including healthcare, it’s not surprising that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations now require ransomware attacks be reported, given the impact they have on the organizations and clients they serve. Losing data–whether temporarily or permanently–constitutes an unacceptable risk to healthcare organizations and interferes […]