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Avoiding Healthcare Data Loss in the Age of Ransomware

With the rapid rise of ransomware attacks across industries, including healthcare, it’s not surprising that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations now require ransomware attacks be reported, given the impact they have on the organizations and clients they serve. Losing data–whether temporarily or permanently–constitutes an unacceptable risk to healthcare organizations and interferes […]


Protect Your Organization Against Ransomware Attacks in Three Easy Steps

It happened. Over  the last few years, security experts and technologists alike have been talking about the potential impact of a global ransomware attack, and on a Friday morning, starting in the UK and rippling across Europe and Asia Pacific, more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries were compromised. As organizations assess the overall impact, […]


When Ransomware Strikes: Does Your Company Have a Data Disaster Recovery Plan?

Last year, nearly half of businesses were hit by ransomware. In the first half of 2016 alone, ransomware cost enterprises $209M. Even worse, experts predict that ransomware “will spin out of control” in 2017. Apparent in the headlines, ransomware is rampant and those who commit the attacks aren’t discriminating against any industry, company size, or […]


What G Suite and Office 365 Admins Need to Know Now About Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware has proven to be a growth industry in 2016, in part due to increases in “Ransomware as a Service” and the risks ransomware poses to SaaS applications like G Suite (formerly Google Apps) and Office 365. In this post, you’ll learn: What’s changed over the past year What that might mean for 2017 The […]


What You Need to Know about Ransomware Attacks and Office 365

You’ve likely seen the headlines by now: Microsoft Office 365 hit with massive Cerber ransomware attack, report Widespread Attack on Office 365 Corporate Users with Zero-day Ransomware Virus Cerber ransomware targets enterprises via Office 365 These are some pretty alarming stories. Just as organizations have begun to trust putting their collaboration applications – and data […]


Ransomware Is On the Rise – Is Your SaaS Data Protected?

“Ransomware” and “backup” have become a hot topic well beyond the IT security community, due in part to a recent ransomware attack on Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. To recap for those who aren’t familiar with the story, the 400-bed hospital in Southern California was forced to move more than 900 patients to other facilities, as well […]