What’s in Your Google Drive? Find Out with Spanning Stats for Google Drive

https://spanning.com/wp-content/themes/spanning/assets/skyscreenie-sm.png Two days ago Google launched Google Drive. Yesterday we saw the volume of files uploaded to Google Drive (née Google Docs) increase by a factor of 10. People are uploading a bunch of stuff—but what? What’s in your Google Drive?

As it turns out, that’s a tough question to answer. Well, it was until just now.

Spanning Stats for Google Drive is now available, and it’s free. To get a customized visual report of exactly how you’re using Google Drive (like the one shown here) just visit freetools.spanningbyemc.wpengine.com/#stats and click “Sign In”. Or if you’re a Google Workspace domain administrator, click “Add to Google Workspace” and you’ll be able to see a report for your whole domain and each user in it.

Either way, you’ll see a complete report showing:

  • percentage of docs in your Google Drive by type
  • top 10 newest and oldest files
  • percentage of your files were created and viewed in the last month and year
  • volume of documents created per week over the last year
  • volume of documents created by hour throughout the day
  • how much quota you’re consuming by file type
  • the 10 files consuming the most quota
  • the 10 users consuming the most quota (domain admins only)
  • size of files uploaded per week over the last year
  • size of files uploaded by hour throughout the day

You can share your report privately or publicly, and can disable sharing at any time. You can view the domain-wide report for spanningbyemc.wpengine.com here.

We invite you to check it out, run a report, and let us know how you’re using Google Drive.

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