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4 SaaS Data Backup Best Practices for Businesses using the Cloud

Data loss. These words that can send shivers down the spine, and hearing them often evokes images of work stoppages, customer outrage, and public relations nightmares that follow.

That’s why backup and recovery has long been a business best practice and why auditing standards have evolved to ensure organizations that generate and manage data do so responsibly and reliably. The race to cloud, while significantly changing the way we think about managing and sharing data, should not change the significance placed upon backup and recovery.


7 Ways the Cloud Has Revolutionized the Way Nonprofits Work

If you’re one of the millions of people who’ve adopted cloud computing, you’ll need no introduction to just how great an innovation it can be. The list of benefits are immense, facilitating greater collaboration and massively increasing efficiency.


The Verdict Is In: You Need SaaS Backup for Data Protection, and You Need It Now

Advice from industry analysts about SaaS data protection is coming in about as fast as companies are making the move to SaaS applications. And the consensus is unquestionable: If you’re using SaaS applications like Google Workspace for Work, Salesforce, or Office 365, you need a solution to back up your data in those applications.


4 Use Cases Where Archiving Isn’t “Good Enough Backup”

If you’re managing a SaaS collaboration platform like Office 365 or Google for Work, you’re responsible for ensuring your organization’s data isn’t lost due to human error or malicious action. While archiving tools like Google Vault or Microsoft In-Place eDiscovery can preserve your data for legal needs, there are important reasons why they are less useful for business continuity.


5 Simple Ways to Ensure Data Harmony in Salesforce

At Spanning, we don’t just back up Salesforce – we use it every day ourselves. We thought we’d share our best practices for maintaining good Salesforce data during major data imports and everyday operations as well as some ways to automate your processes.


Planning a Google Workspace Migration? Here’s a Terrific Guide

If you’re looking to migrate your organization to Google Workspace for Work, the Cloud Alliance for Google Workspace has a new resource that offers terrific advice on how to get there. The Business Transformation Guide for Google Workspace takes you all the way from defining your goals and overcoming obstacles to a roadmap for long-term success with your Google Workspace migration initiative.


Effective Engineering in the Cloud: Using AWS for Product Growth

In a series of articles to come over the course of this month, I’ll detail much of how we use AWS and how well it has helped us evolve and grow our business with a focus on being responsive to our business needs, rather than trying to spend the least amount on our product hosting. This material comes from an Austin Web Architecture talk I recently gave with a subtitle of “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love AWS.”