Gmail Recovery Made Easy: Get Lost Gmail Back in Just a Few Clicks

As an IT professional, you’re all too familiar with users coming to you to try and recover data that’s been lost. It happens. Luckily for you, we have a lot of expertise in making disappeared emails magically reappear. Here are some reasons why users might lose email in Gmail and how to use Spanning Backup for G Suite to get them back.

Scenario #1: An Important Email Goes Missing

There are several reasons why a user might not be able to find a lost Gmail email – for example:

  • They deleted an email accidentally, then emptied their Trash to free up space, and now they can’t locate it using any of Google’s built-in methods.
  • They sent an email from their mobile device, and a sync error with the cloud deleted the whole thread.

In cases like these, if Spanning Backup for G Suite is enabled for your domain, you can restore that email in just a few clicks. Or even better, you can allow users to restore it themselves so the IT department doesn’t have to get involved at all! To do so:

  1. Log in to Spanning Backup for G Suite
  2. Click the Restore tab.
  3. Search for the email by date or subject.
  4. Restore it right back into Gmail.

Scenario #2: Can’t Access the Account

This type of event is more rare, but also more serious and can occur if an account has been hacked and Google has automatically locked it down as a safety measure. This again is an area where Spanning Backup for G Suite can save the day if it’s been enabled in your domain. To get back to work:

  1. Create a temporary Google Apps account for your user.
  2. Restore the Gmail from the old account into the new one using the cross-user restore process.
  3. Let the user keep working while you contact Google to try and get the original account reactivated.

We dream of a world where the IT department can focus on the big picture instead of being derailed by data loss incidents, and users can restore their own lost data so they can get back to work faster. If you don’t have backup for Gmail enabled, try Spanning Backup for G Suite free for two weeks or see the full demo here.

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