Q3 2023 Product Innovation Update: An Overview of What’s New in Spanning

Many IT teams that serve small and midsize businesses (SMBs) usually don’t have the resources for specialized personnel. To meet the demands of the current business landscape, each member of an organization’s internal IT team must be multifunctional and capable of leveraging a diverse toolset. They have to DO IT ALL, toggling between multiple applications and tools. To help these IT professionals save time and money and work more efficiently, modern IT management solutions are the need of the hour.

Kaseya’s IT Complete — a tailor-made solution for modern IT professionals — accomplishes these goals with low-cost, well-designed and integrated tools that relieve IT teams from the hassle of jumping between apps, interfaces, documentation and more. It is a complete set of solutions for everything an organization needs to get IT done.

As a part of this solutions umbrella, Spanning from our backup suite sticks to the basic ethos of the IT Complete platform — it’s complete, intelligent, integrated and affordable for our customers. At Spanning, there’s a constant drive to offer end-to-end data protection and disaster recovery solutions for your SaaS data, no matter where it lives. This is reflected in our exciting product developments and innovations in Q2. Our recently conducted Q3 2023 Product Innovation Update webinar focused on that in detail while providing inside information on what’s to come.

Here’s a recap of the key innovation updates in Q2 from the world of Spanning.

Recapping major innovations

At Spanning, we always prioritize putting customers first. The features, integrations and innovations we deliver focus on making backup and recovery as simple and hassle-free as possible for our users. The latest innovations are no exception.

Archived user licenses for Microsoft 365

As per regulations, many organizations must hold onto data for up to seven years and more, even for inactive users. However, Microsoft 365 licenses are expensive. So, organizations would have to incur high costs to maintain a backup of a deactivated user’s data for an extended period.

Now, with the archived licenses, you can preserve the backups at a lower cost than the standard license while freeing up an expensive Microsoft 365 license for one of your active employees. The new feature involves automatic tagging of the deactivated/deleted users. Hence, it stops the false alerts if the Microsoft license from a user is removed, even if the user is still on the Microsoft side.

SharePoint List protection

SharePoint Online backup takes a step forward with Spanning’s granular backup and recovery solution to SharePoint Online list data. Available to all Microsoft 365 customers from all regions at no extra charge, this feature offers robust protection of SharePoint Online in addition to Microsoft Teams Conversations, document libraries, Exchange Online calendars, contacts and mails. Even if someone accidentally edits, modifies or deletes a SharePoint list(s), you’ll still be able to see and recover the full list or perform granular recovery of individual list items.

The road ahead

In other exciting news, Spanning will soon release its improved Microsoft 365 restore and export reporting capabilities. As a mark of improvement, a detailed progress status bar has been added to the current dashboard. This will give an idea of the progress of restore and export operations. The item column will show how many items are selected for restore and how many have been completed, and provide you with an estimation of the time remaining until the restore or export will finish. Such in-depth visibility will inform users of the time of completion of a restore or export to better understand the impact of downtime and set expectations with key stakeholders and impacted users.

While Q2 witnessed new features from Spanning that are going to future-proof your business, we aren’t stopping there. Q3 has much to offer, and we’re gearing up to share the latest product innovations and updates that will help you revolutionize your business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) game. So, stay tuned!

Watch the webinar recording to dig deeper into our recent product updates and find out how they can solidify your overall data protection strategy. Also, you can schedule a personalized demo to experience firsthand the powerful yet easy-to-use capabilities of Spanning Backup.

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