Backupify Trying, Failing to Match Spanning on Google Workspace Backup Features

Today Backupify announced they’ve added some new features to their Google Workspace backup product. We think they’re all good features; Spanning Backup has had all of them for a while now. We’ll look at each of them below to put them in context. But first, let’s keep in mind what’s most important.

Additional admin features are certainly nice to have, but they pale in comparison to the most important feature of any backup system: the ability to restore data. This is where Backupify is weakest and where Spanning Backup shines.

Spanning Backup handily beats Backupify at restoring data and provides a laundry list of advanced features our competitors can’t match:

Without the ability to restore data, a Google Workspace backup system is essentially worthless.

But what about the new features our friends in Boston announced today? Let’s go through them one by one.

Multiple Administrator Management

Apparently until now, Backupify has supported only one Google Workspace admin at each customer as a backup administrator. With today’s release, customers can finally have multiple backup administrators.

Spanning Backup has always supported multiple administrators. In addition, Spanning customers can can choose to allow all admins to purchase new seats (i.e., spend money on their company’s behalf) or limit purchase capabilities to a single billing admin. This feature is important to both large companies and resellers.

Audit Logs

An approproate security stance for any business with regard to its own employees is “trust but verify”. Businesses trust their admins with a lot of power. Audit logs enable them to verify that that power is not being abused. We’re glad to see backupify finally implementing audit logs, just like Spanning did earlier this year.

But sometimes audit logging alone isn’t enough. That’s why Spanning Backup also allows customers to specify whether admins should be able to perform the most privacy-sensitive action: previewing the contents of their users’ email. Backupify still doesn’t offer this as an option. But at least when your admin reads your CEO’s email, the other admins will know about it.

Subdomain Management

Many customers use Google Workspace’ support for subdomains, and any comprehensive backup solution needs to follow suit so that admins can manage the backups for multiple Google Workspace subdomains from one account.

Spanning Backup has supported subdomains since September. We’re glad to see Backupify finally implement this as well.

What Really Matters

To be sure, these admin features are welcome additions. But unless they’re built on top of a robust backup—and restore—system, they’re nothing more than window-dressing. Before selecting a solution for Google Workspace backup, you need to understand the significant differences between the available products.

We invite you to try Spanning Backup for Google Workspace free for 14 days. We’ll be happy to answer questions you may have—just contact us at [email protected] or [email protected].