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What every SaaS user should ask

Are you confident that your data stored in SaaS applications like Salesforce and Google Workspace is fully protected from loss? If you rely strictly on your cloud service provider’s security mechanisms, you are still vulnerable to hacking, sync malfunctions, human error, and more. (To learn about all the risks, download the February 2014, Forrester Research Inc. Report, Back Up Your Critical Cloud Data Before It’s Too Late: Cloud-To-Cloud Backup Emerges As A Practical Option For Cloud Data Protection, by Rachel Dines, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research.)

Are you certain that your company is complying with the growing body of regulations and auditing standards surrounding data backup, recovery, and accessibility? If you haven’t educated yourself on information management since Sarbanes-Oxley, chances are you aren’t up to speed on several relevant compliance frameworks your business should be observing.

Do you know the top five reasons you absolutely must seek backup and recovery for your SaaS data? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you’ll want to download our new, free eBook, Don’t Gamble With Your Company’s Future: The Top 5 Reasons You Need Backup for SaaS Applications.

Stop rolling the dice – educate yourself on SaaS data protection

This eBook gives you an in-depth look into five major challenges businesses using Google Workspace,, and other SaaS applications face, and will help you understand how a solid backup and recovery plan can aid in overcoming them. In five chapters, we address security, reliability, and privacy in the cloud by examining the most common culprits of data loss and conclude with a discussion of the need to remain compliant in the collaborative atmosphere of the cloud.

Together, these topics comprise the top five reasons you need to implement Google Workspace backup software today:

  1. Hacking
  2. Insider threat
  3. Human error
  4. Sync error
  5. Compliance

If you haven’t sought backup and recovery for your cloud-stored data, you’re playing a game of chance…and the odds are against you. Download our eBook to learn how and why to protect your company from non-compliance and the most common threats in the cloud.