Google Workspace and Spanning Backup: Talkin’ About an Evolution

Innovations are innovative as long as they meet a need in fresh new ways–and four years ago, Spanning’s innovative Free Tools were embraced by millions of customers who needed to fill some gaps in Google Workspace. Over time, Google’s products have evolved to fill the gaps addressed by Spanning’s Free Tools, and as a result, the need for Free Tools for Google Workspace has significantly decreased.

After careful consideration, we have decided to end support for Spanning Free Tools for Google Workspace as of August 18, 2016. The apps will continue to work until August 18th 2016, after which they will no longer work and will not be supported.

Making an end-of-life decision for popular tools is never easy, but with the evolution of Google Workspace, and decreased need for our Free Tools, means that Spanning can focus on new (and hopefully popular) innovations to serve our customers.

Read on to learn more about what Spanning’s Free Tools did, and the evolution of Google Workspace that removed the need for these tools.

Undelete for Google Calendar

Google Calendar Undelete helped users quickly and easily restore Google Calendar events with the details intact.

Last year Google added functionality to restore individual and recurring calendar events directly from Google Calendar if those events were deleted in the last 30 days. This change removes the need for Spanning Undelete for Google Calendar.

Spanning Stats for Google Drive

Spanning Stats for Google Drive provided admins detailed Google Drive Stats and Analytics. Using Stats for Google Drive, admins could view how their domain’s use of Google Drive and Docs changed over time, as well as how much of the storage is being consumed by different media types.

Google’s administrator console has evolved over time to provide admins a way to view Drive stats at a very granular level in a highly customizable report. Google has also added aggregate reports to the Google Admin console so that admins can view Drive file count, storage quota, etc. at the domain level. These additions remove the need for Spanning Stats for Google Drive.

Admin Audit Log Viewer

Spanning Admin Audit Log Viewer showed admins what’s been happening in their Google Workspace domain. The Admin Audit Log Viewer helped admins make sure they knew what other admins are doing in their domain by providing a historical log of all actions taken in the admin console.

Google’s administrator console now provides an admin audit log that shows an activity stream of every single task performed by admins in the Google Admin console, including who performed that task. Google also allows admins to customize the report by adding filters for specific event types, user names, admin names, or date ranges. Admins can also set alerts based on specific event types to be sent to Super Admins, or optionally other recipients. Admins can also use Google Admin app for Android and iOS to view the admin audit log and manage their domain using their smartphones.

These additions remove the need for Spanning’s Admin Audit Log Viewer.

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