It’s a Wonderful Salesforce AppExchange Life

Happy birthday, Salesforce AppExchange!

Before we all blow out the candles on 10 years of goodness…let’s take a moment to reflect on what AppExchange means. But how do you measure the impact of something that’s become as much a part of our business life as Salesforce’s AppExchange? One way is to take a look at what work would be like if, a la Jimmy Stewart in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” the AppExchange had never come to be.

Imagine, for a moment, a Salesforce administrator (coincidentally named James) who is having a very bad case of the Mondays.

“Ugh – where did I put that Weekly Export Zip? I thought I had it right here in downloads,” muttered James. “Look at these new report requests. There is NO WAY I’ll be getting home before 7 tonight. And I’m behind on Lightning training for the sales team…wait, what? There’s an app update for each of my core apps? I’ll need to test them each before deploying…oh, sometimes I just wish this whole AppExchange thing never happened…”

Poor James. With that one grumbled wish, he’s magically sent to an alternate universe, one where the AppExchange has never come to be. Let’s take a look at how his morning is going now, without AppExchange and some of the core apps James has come to rely upon…

“Hi there, James – how are you doing on getting Opportunity data to sync with our on-premises financial systems? The exec team really, really wants that done.” (James swears under his breath – “What I’d give now for AppExchange and FinancialForce!”)

“James, the marketing director told me to get these 250,000 leads loaded in today – can you do that for me?” (“Sure thing,” James says to himself, “right after I cry in my coffee that I DON’T have Data Loader handy!”)

“The VP of Sales is very happy with that custom intergration you wrote to connect Outlook and Salesforce…can you do that for Gmail too?” (“That custom code I wrote is now broken, thanks to Outlook’s update this week,” James thinks, “so I’ll need to fix that before I can get started on the integration for Gmail.”)

“Uhhhmm…hey Jimbo, looks like my phone accidentally overwrote all my key Account Contacts with phone contacts…can you fix that for me by lunch? Thanks, buddy!” (James sighs. “Just when Spanning Backup could save my bacon and that of our best salesperson, there’s no AppExchange, and no backup and restore app!”)

As the line that formed at his desk starts to shrink, James puts his head in his hands. “How can I possibly get this all done, when I have to custom-code EVERY integration, and when I don’t have FinancialForce, or Data Loader, or Spanning? This is a NIGHTMARE – without the AppExchange, I’m sunk! I wish, I wish, I wish there was an AppExchange again!”

And just like that, James is transported back to our universe, the one with a decade of AppExchange goodness, the one where an ecosystem of ISV and services partners make life easier and better for Salesforce admins near and far.

Happy 10th birthday, AppExchange! Spanning by EMC is delighted to be part of your wonderful life.