Let’s Make a Good Thing Better: The 2018 Trailblazer Community Survey

For the past five years, the Trailblazer Community Survey has provided Salesforce admins and developers a “by the Community, for the Community” look at the #SalesforceOhana.

Like every Trailblazer, the Survey has evolved — since its start in 2014, it’s become an invaluable resource for admins and developers in benchmarking their organization and their Salesforce career. For a quick look back, see the survey blogs for 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

I am so very pleased we are in our fifth year! The year’s survey has continued to evolve, with new questions about collaboration platforms and giving back. What hasn’t changed is our focus on sharing what we learn back into the Trailblazer Community (survey findings are anonymous, so people can respond freely) and on giving back through Spanning’s sponsorship of the survey.

This year, we’re excited to announce that every unique survey completion means $10 will be donated by Spanning* to support PepUp Tech and their mission:

“…to increase the number of underrepresented people in tech. Our goal is to inspire individuals to learn about computer science and technology, gain access to people and careers in these industries and ultimately give back to their communities. We seek to promote access in underserved areas.”

Pep Up TechIf you’re a Salesforce admin or developer, help us make this year’s survey the biggest “Salesforce Selfie” yet, and help us build support for #DiversityinTech — take a few minutes to complete the Trailblazer Community Survey here, and learn more about PepUp Tech here.

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*Spanning will donate for up to 450 unique Survey completions. We will seek additional sponsors for more than that total.