Midwest Dreamin’ with the Salesforce Community

Midwest Dreamin' 20164 takeaways from an electrifying learning experience!

If you’re a Salesforce admin or developer in Chicago July 21-22, you saw a major summer thunderstorm roll in with plenty of lightning. And you’d have felt the electricity from a different sort of Lightning if you were one of the 600+ participants in the largest regional Salesforce Community Conference, Midwest Dreamin’! Spanning by EMC sent their Salesforce MVP (me) to volunteer, as well as to be the eyes and ears for the Spanning Backup for Salesforce team. By speaking with Salesforce experts, we gain insights that can help our backup and restore solution better meet the needs of the Salesforce Community. Here are my four key takeaways; at the end of the post, please see links to others’ experiences!

Lightning Experience is crackling with electricity.

Salesforce’s new EX, Lightning, is evolving rapidly, and Salesforce is focused on enabling adoption for as many users as possible, as fast as possible. As the first and only AppExchange backup and restore solution to be Lightning Certified, we at Spanning are excited about the possibilities offered by Lightning Experience (LEX) – but we know adoption proceeds at different rates, so Spanning Backup for Salesforce toggles seamlessly between Lightning and Classic.

Midwest Dreamin’ continues it’s rapid growth.

600+ of the best and brightest Salesforce admins, developers, partners, MVPs, and Salesforce employees learned from one another over 3 Keynotes and 67 Sessions. This is roughly a 116% increase in sessions from the previous year! The Midwest Dreamin’ organizers (Denise Carbone, Eric Dreshfield, Leyna Hoffer, Andy Ognenoff, and Dale Ziegler) and the countless, tireless volunteers made it a fantastic experience for all participants, from admins and developers to partners and sponsors.

Diversity is what makes the Salesforce Community vibrantly different.

Diversity is an important aspect of the Salesforce Community, and the diversity of experiences, ideas, roles, and skill sets make Midwest Dreamin’ a multifaceted learning experience. You can tell you’re at a Salesforce Community conference when you’re listening to and learning from a diverse set of technologists – including women in tech, people of color, and members of the LGBTQIA community. (Shout-out to Shonnah’s Awesome AdminS for winning the Admin Trivia team contest!)

Caring is what makes the Salesforce Community a true community.

Midwest Dreamin’ represents the best of the Salesforce Community – knowledge sharing, skills development, mentorship, and shared learning. And if sharing knowledge is caring, the late Tami Esling, Salesforce MVP and User Group Leader, was an incomparably caring technologist and role model. Tami passed away this year, and at Midwest Dreamin’, there was a tearful and joyful remembrance of Tami’s contributions by those who knew her and those who’d learned from her.

For additional perspectives on Midwest Dreamin’, see Nerdforce’s blog and Mike Gerholdt’s blog. To see all the presentations, go to the Community Group here.

And when you’re ready to do what Salesforce says, and protect your Salesforce data and metadata from accidental or malicious loss, evaluate Spanning Backup for Salesforce. We’re the first and only AppExchange backup and restore solution that’s Lightning Certified!