New Actionable Google Workspace Backup Status Reporting Provides Full Data Transparency

When you hand a cloud vendor your data, you put more than information in their hands. Files, records, emails, and contacts may be packaged in mere bits and bytes, but for most companies, this data adds up to the one thing that matters most: the bottom line. Spanning understands that data can be the lifeblood of your business, so it is our top priority to provide trustworthy products and services that prove their value through reliability, accuracy, and meaningful, transparent insight into your data.

Spanning builds products and relationships with trust and transparency in mind.

When data loss can cost over $10,000 per MB, or $136 per each compromised record, you need to know that the backup and recovery solution you choose to protect your SaaS application data will deliver on its promise to assure data availability, even in the event of a malicious attack, sync malfunctions, human error, and more. That’s why we are always looking for opportunities to build trust and transparency into the Spanning experience. From our world-class security credentials and our 100% accurate restore capabilities, to our prompt, helpful, and honest support process, we provide unquestionable value and confidence to our customers.

The new and improved Spanning Backup Status Report

To further our commitment to trust and transparency, we are introducing several enhancements in our status reporting to our flagship product, Spanning Backup for Google Workspace. Our new features allow users to:

  • View a detailed list of problems by day for the entire domain or for individual users;
  • Identify data that cannot be backed up due to Google API limitations;
  • Get actionable instructions inline to resolve each problem;
  • Receive proactive email alerts that summarize the status details for administrators;
  • Export a filtered list of problems for offline review or for use as input to a helpdesk solution; and,
  • Identify potentially corrupt files in Google Drive (such as “ghost” files with a size of zero bytes).

What you don’t know CAN hurt you.

Customer confidence comes not only from an effective product, but also from openness about what that product can and can’t do with your data. Here’s some information you may not know about Spanning, other backup providers, and Google:

  • Google may not allow your backup provider to back up some data. And they may not be telling you. Other backup providers may not tell you that certain information cannot be accessed from Google in order to complete backups due to certain limitations in the Google API. Only Spanning Backup offers the detailed status updates and proactive alerts to highlight any issues that you would need to review and remediate to ensure proper backup is taking place. Without this visibility, you may be unaware of any data integrity issues. And, worse, you will eventually be left with an unpleasant surprise when you go to recover those files or that data.
  • You may be unaware when there are problems with your data and/or backups. Other providers may also neglect to notify you when there are problems with your backups. But Spanning believes that you have the right to know and understand what is happening not only with your backups, but also with your data at all times. Our status redesign makes it easy to analyze where problems have occurred so you can proactively address them before it’s too late. For example, we’ll alert you to any zero byte files (or ghost files) you may be trying to back up, because this could indicate these files have been corrupted. We’d rather you know immediately if there is something wrong with your data so you can fix it, rather than being surprised (and ultimately out of luck) when you attempt to restore these files.

Stay tuned to our blog in the coming days, because we’ll be back soon to fully explain our new status reporting features, their purpose, and what they mean for you and your data. For even more information on Spanning Backup for Google Workspace and to see a live demonstration of the status redesign, sign up for our March 20 webinar. You can also experience the full product yourself when you start a free 14-day trial.