New Feature for Spanning Backup for Salesforce: Overwrite Field Values in Bulk Restore

Salesforce admins and developers trust Spanning to provide not just backup, but restore perfection: the ability to quickly and easily restore items to the way they were at any point in time. Based on admin input and in line with our focus on restore perfection, we are introducing new functionality: the ability to overwrite field values when performing a bulk restore.

This new feature complements other Spanning Backup Salesforce restore features, including Multi-Object Restores (so admins can restore multiple Objects from any Object Types in a single restore operation) and On-Page Restores (an option for those admins who want to allow end users to restore overwritten field values that an end user has rights to edit.)

This new ability to overwrite field values when performing a bulk restore will help Salesforce admins and developers when restoring Objects owned by inactive users, or when populating sandboxes with sensitive data.

  1. Objects owned by inactive users: We heard from Salesforce admins that they want to be able to restore Objects owned by inactive users, but assign a different owner to those Objects at the time of restore, rather than needing to change settings in their Salesforce org or reactivate those users just for the restore.Now you can set a new owner for records in the restore process simply by specifying the new owner by Salesforce User ID. This means that admins do not need an additional Salesforce license to reactivate the user for a restore; if there was no additional license available, admins will no longer have to deactivate a different active user, and then reactivate the user who is the owner of the records.
  2. Protecting sensitive data when populating sandboxes: Salesforce admins and developers in highly regulated industries who have sensitive data in Salesforce (Personally Identifiable Information, or PII, such as Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, or healthcare data) told us they would like the option to mask / overwrite field values for specific fields when they restore data from a backup of their production instance into a sandbox.Currently, they need to have processes in place in the sandbox environment which will ensure the data is masked after it is already in the sandbox. Admins and developers instead prefer the sensitive data to be masked during the restoration process itself. The new overwrite feature will allow customers to choose the Object type and field name, and provide a field value to be overwritten in Spanning’s bulk restore flow so the sensitive data never lands in a sandbox.

Our new feature will allow customers to be able to overwrite the field values for any number of fields, and for any Object types in the bulk restore process—whether for same-org or cross-org. Additionally, we will also maintain an immutable audit log for traceability and record keeping.

New Feature for Spanning Backup for Salesforce: Overwrite Field Values in Bulk Restore

If you’re interested in learning more about these new features, please contact your sales representative or see our Knowledge Base article. Learn more about Spanning Backup for Salesforce on the AppExchange.

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