Proud to be Part of Salesforce’s Ecosystem, aka The SaaS Community Garden

SaaS Community Garden

It’s one thing to garden for oneself, and another thing to create a garden that feeds an entire community – and as today’s IDC research shows, Salesforce and its ecosystem have grown to feed a world of technology partners, new admins, and new developers.

According to IDC, Salesforce and its ecosystem are forecast to enable nearly 2 million new jobs, and almost $390 billion in new revenue, over the next five years. That’s as nearly as many new jobs as the population of the fourth-largest city in the US, Houston! And since many tech jobs can be “work anywhere,” it’s an impact that could bring tech jobs – and job growth – to communities far from traditional tech hubs like San Francisco.

Before there was an ecosystem, there was Salesforce’s radical innovation of Software as a Service (SaaS) in 1999, the year Salesforce was founded. SaaS led to Platform as a Service (PaaS aka proved fertile ground for ecosystem innovation, and ecosystem markets blossomed via the first online apps marketplace, AppExchange. In the community garden of the Salesforce ecosystem, new Apps both add to the value that Salesforce provides, and create jobs and revenue growth. Spanning, a Salesforce ISV Partner, is delighted to be part of AppExchange’s 4 million installs to date with our Spanning Backup solution, and to be protecting not just Salesforce data, but data and metadata.

The IDC forecast is for more growth and growth beyond those 4 million installs. What might spark such growth in the Salesforce community garden? It’s something called Lightning. With the Lightning UX, Salesforce has laid the groundwork for a Big Data-driven future. In our data-driven world, the Salesforce ecosystem, and Lightning Ready Certified Apps like Spanning Backup for Salesforce, will surely continue to grow and thrive.

The SaaS community garden of Salesforce, its partners, and its customers, is seeded and ready for more growth – the forecast is green, and the opportunities are exciting! To learn more about IDC’s research report on the Salesforce ecosystem and its growth, go here. And to learn more about Spanning Backup for Salesforce, please visit our listing on the AppExchange.