Salesforce Deletion Disaster? Not When You Use Spanning to “Undo”

Admins know that restoring data in Salesforce is difficult due to the highly customizable nature of the platform, as well as dependencies and “parent-child” relationships between items. In fact, the Salesforce Knowledge Base states that, if the Recycle Bin is purged, items are permanently deleted and are not recoverable.

Further, when deleting an item in Salesforce like an Account, related items are also deleted. Recovering from a mistaken delete requires administrators to insert the records in a specific order, replacing referenced IDs in children.  This is a complex process, and Salesforce provides guidance on how to do this, including a 5 part video series.

Spanning Backup for Salesforce now makes “deletion disasters” a thing of the past. With Spanning, admins can quickly find and restore deleted items and choose whether to include related “child-grandchild” items when restoring a “parent” item. Spanning takes care of all of the complexities, relationships and ordering of data inserts that typically make manual imports difficult and time consuming. In the simplest terms, this will undo a delete, automatically restoring not only the object, but also all related items that Salesforce “cascade deleted” when the object was deleted.

Am I excited about this? You bet! The admins I’ve been speaking with over the past few months told us this was a “WOW must have” feature, and our engineering team delivered. Spanning Backup for Salesforce is the first and only AppExchange partner to offer this powerful new way to ensure that Salesforce admins never suffer a deletion disaster again.

See for yourself – get a free trial on the AppExchange here, and let me know what you think!

**NOTE: This new functionality is available immediately for new customers; we are rolling this out in later phases for current customers.