Saving Your Bacon on World Backup Day (and Every Other Day)

Happy World Backup Day from Spanning! It’s our favorite day of the year here at Spanning — a day that reminds the world about the importance of backup and restore for SaaS applications.

How are you celebrating World Backup Day?

For some, it’s an opportunity to celebrate the peace of mind they enjoy with Spanning’s “set it and forget it” solutions; for others, it’s a chance to become more educated on why backup and restore for cloud applications like Office 365, Salesforce, and Google Apps is critical to keeping organizations safe from data loss and non-compliance.

And for many, it’s a chance to share a story about how Spanning has saved their bacon by restoring cloud data in a matter of clicks when an inevitable “oops!” threatens to ruin the day, if not an entire career.

Tweet for a tee.

Has Spanning rescued you from the depths of despair caused by a disappearing Google Calendar or lost folder in Google Drive? Have you come back from certain career calamity with the help of our point-in-time restore capability? Tweet #spanningsavedmybacon with your backup and restore stories this World Backup Day, and you’ll be featured on, plus receive a special edition Back That SaaS Up t-shirt!

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