Spanning Backup for Office 365 Extends Data Protection to Calendars

We are happy to announce that Spanning Backup for Office 365 now protects Calendars in Exchange Online. With today’s announcement , Spanning now provides automated and on-demand backup along with quick and easy restores for Calendars in Office 365.

Calendars play a vital role in keeping organizations running. Because calendars and events frequently change, they are vulnerable to being accidentally overwritten, corrupted or deleted. This is why having the ability to restore previous versions of one or multiple events is essential – as is being able to restore any version of your calendars.

With this new release, Office 365 administrators can do just that. If a calendar’s events or an entire calendar is inadvertently lost – fear not: you are protected with Spanning Backup for Office 365.

Now, with Spanning Backup, you get:

  • Automated and on-demand backup: Automate and generate on-demand backups of your calendar data in your Office 365 tenant;
  • Granular restore: Allow users to view snapshots of calendar backups and easily find and restore previous versions of Calendar items (meetings and appointments) or entire Calendars with granular restore to any previous snapshot;
  • Versioning search and restore: Search across backups to find and restore any version of events; and,
  • Cross-user restore: Restore data back to the same account, or to any other account on the Office 365 tenant.

Spanning Backup for Office 365 Cross-User Restore for Calendar


Adding calendar backup protection brings us closer to extending our coverage across the entire Office 365 suite while delivering enterprise features and maintaining industry leading scalability and reliability.

Learn more about Spanning Backup for Office 365 here, download the data sheet or request a demo. Better yet, try it out yourself with a free two-week trial and see how easy it is to protect your Office 365 data today.