New Feature for Spanning Backup for Salesforce: Custom Scheduled Backup Time

Salesforce admins and developers who want to be sure their data and customizations are protected now have a new option: Custom Scheduled Backup Time for Spanning Backup for Salesforce. This is yet another new feature Spanning is delivering to meet the industry’s enterprise-class Salesforce backup and restore needs.

We’ve heard from many of you that you want control over when your automated backup will start, because you prefer to:

  • protect your data after normal peak activity, once most changes for the day have been made, or
  • protect your metadata before or after a remote development team’s normal workday, to ensure that the work is backed up automatically, or
  • protect your data overnight, so you can perform restores in the morning for your time zone, or
  • change the automated backup time to protect changed data in a single backup batch.

With this new feature you’ll get that level of control, and more. To help you make data-driven decisions about the best start time for your customized automated backup time, you’ll get an easy-to-use graph showing the time it took for your last eight backups to complete, plus a running average of the time it takes for your backups overall. You can change the customized backup time as often as you wish. And of course, if you want to revert to the Spanning Backup for Salesforce default automated backup time, it’s simple – just toggle it in the Spanning Backup app settings, and you’re all set.

Custom Schedule

Custom Scheduled Backup Time

Spanning Backup for Salesforce Custom Scheduled Backup Time addresses the following use cases:

  • Backup times customized to meet the demands of a global workforce. If a developer team is based in India and is making major customization changes for a project, an admin may wish to change the schedule of an automated backup to ensure that their work is captured based on their peak activity times. After that project completes, if it’s end of quarter for major Sales offices in the US, the backup schedule can then be reset to better protect changes made by the Sales organization.
  • Backup times customized to meet peak activity times. Depending on time zone, this can have a significant impact. An automated backup that occurs at 9am in the morning would generally capture only an hour of that day’s changes and updates. In the event of data loss at 11:30pm, the whole day’s productivity, minus that 90 minutes, could be lost. With a customized automated backup time, this is no longer a concern.
  • Faster access for restoring updated or deleted records. If there are updated or deleted records from the previous day needing to be restored, having the automated backup finished right before an admin starts their workday means they can immediately do those restores, and not wait until the current day’s backup completes.

With Spanning Backup for Salesforce Custom Scheduled Backup Times, both new and current customers have added control over critical Salesforce data being backed up by Spanning.

If you’re interested in learning more about custom scheduled backup times, please contact your Spanning sales representative. Learn more about Spanning Backup for Salesforce here or start a free 14-day trial today and see how it works!