Undelete for Google Calendar, It’s Your Birthday!

One year ago today, Spanning launched Undelete for Google Calendar, one of our great free tools. As we celebrate Undelete’s birthday (hopefully with cake – someone is getting a cake, right guys?), we’d like to share what our users have to say about it:

“Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Thanks for helping me UNDELETE my Google event!”

“Thank you for the Spanning Undelete for Google Calendar – you have literally saved my sanity.”

“Thank you for your great Undelete software. Stupid Apple iPod deleted my calendar and you saved me. Your company is awesome.”

“Hi all you fabulous people at spanningbyemc.wpengine.com! I have just used your Undelete tool to restore some very important Google calendar stuff that I deleted. It is a miracle. Thank you so much!!!”

“You are a godsend. Many, many thanks.”

“Undeleting is awesome! Thank you for restoring my life!”

“YOU ARE GENIUSES!!! I couldn’t figure out why I logged onto my calendar one day and half of my events were gone!!! Thank goodness, your app saved them and I was able to add them right back on to my calendar. My hero!”

Aww, you guys, we’re blushing!

And finally, here is a video that we made about some of our favorite feedback from an Undelete user:

We love hearing that we’ve saved the day for so many people – it’s literally why we’re here! Check out our other amazing free tools  – the Admin Audit Log Viewer and Stats for Google Drive – and if you really want your bacon saved, Spanning Backup handles so much more than deleted calendars! Thanks to our great customers – we love hearing from you!

*That’s thirty-one exclamation points. We know you were wondering.