Working Around Google’s Storage Quotas with Inlanta Mortgage and Spanning

[Editor’s Note: This is the seventh post in a new Q&A series with Spanning customers. Keep an eye out for new posts to learn more about how our customers are using Google Workspace, how they’re using Spanning for backup, and tips they have for other businesses looking to “Go Google”.]

Inlanta Mortgage



We recently got the opportunity to talk with Chris Knowlton, VP of Technology & Marketing at Inlanta Mortgage, about his experience becoming a Spanning Backup customer.

See how he chose Spanning, his experience with us so far, and how the product has enhanced Inlanta’s experience with Google Workspace in the Q&A below.


Why did you choose Spanning Backup for Google Workspace?

Best feature set for the price. Compared to the upgraded Google Workspace plus Postini, Spanning provides what we need for half the price.

Tell us a bit about your setup process with Spanning Backup? What is the good, bad and ugly of the setup?

Everything went pretty smooth so I don’t have anything bad or ugly to complain about – trust me, I’d tell you if I had ugly!

What prompted you to back up your business’s Google Workspace data initially?

Increased number of people abandoning Outlook and going gmail only made it necessary to back the mail up at the server. We also have an increase in Google Docs users, and some of our users need more storage than the Google Workspace quota allows so having things backed up to free up space is a big help and cost savings.

What’s your favorite story (crazy, funny, surprising, etc.) about backup with Spanning Backup?

Spanning allowed us to bring back our uniform email usernames. Because we had users outgrowing their email quota we were having to work around it by giving them a second and in some cases third gmail account. Spanning put an end to that, which for an IT person, always helps to have consistent naming conventions whenever possible.

What new features would be most useful to your business?

More frequent backups and the ability to lock out users at and admin level are high on my wish list.