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Clark Construction has Over a Century of Experience “Building” America, Winning Numerous Awards for Thousands of Projects

With Clark Construction, the numbers say it all – 100+ years of experience and 1400+ awards. And to add to that, are their prestigious projects – a dozen Washington, DC Metro stations, Nationals Park, Washington Harbour, the World Bank building, FedExField, Oriole Park, Verizon Center, L’Enfant Plaza, Salesforce Tower, and thousands more. Making them one of the largest, most experienced and respected building and civil construction firms in the United States.


Rely on Spanning Backup to Reliably Backup and Easily Restore Critical Data

As a company that heavily relies on every component of G Suite for day-to-day business, Spanning Backup gives Clark Construction the reassurance of knowing that if data is compromised by anything from a malicious attack to an employee error, the company can get it back quickly and easily. “Gmail, Drive, Sites, Calendar, Contacts—we use all of them,” explains Chris Walker, Google Administrator for Clark Construction. “And for data backup and recovery in G Suite, Spanning gets the job done. Period. No one else does it better.”

Spanning Backup is the best insurance policy in the technology market.
— CHRIS WALKER, G Suite Administrator, Clark Construction

“We had used Backupify before, but Spanning far surpassed the requirements and expectations that we were looking for,” Walker says.


Build Customer Satisfaction with a Data Protection Solution that Comes with a 100% Restore Guarantee

Being able to reassure customers that their data is safe has been a valuable tool for building customer confidence and satisfaction. “As a competitive organization, it is imperative to keep our customers content with our services, and Spanning helps us do that.”

Walker’s favorite feature? “The restore button!” Clark Construction know all too well that a backup solution is only as good as its restore capabilities. Spanning’s restore is as easy as a few clicks. “With Spanning, we were able to backtrack and restore all of a user’s email. Talk about a lifesaver — and in only three clicks!” And this ease of restore extends to granular search-based restore, point-in-time restore, Team Drives restore and cross-user restore which Walker says is a differentiating feature that is “very important to us.”

As a competitive organization, it is imperative to keep our customers content with our services, and Spanning helps us do that.
— CHRIS WALKER, G Suite Administrator, Clark Construction

Close to that comes Spanning’s first-class service and support. “Whenever I have an issue or question, in the blink of an eye, a support specialist is emailing me and assisting me,” Walker says. “Spanning makes McDonald’s look like slow service!”

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