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9 Ways to Make Your Auditors Love You

No one loves the word audit; in fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who even likes it. But whether you like it or not, auditors are coming to make sure your organization is achieving regulatory compliance. Are you ready?


See what our customers have to say about Spanning’s Google Apps backup software.

On-Demand Webinar: 6 Ways to Cover Your SaaS in 2015

If you are using SaaS applications like Google Apps, Salesforce or Office 365, you know how great the cloud can be for collaboration and productivity. But going "all in" on the cloud doesn't relieve you of your responsibility of ensuring your data remains protected. Join Cirrus Insight and Spanning for a live webinar to learn 6 ways to cover your SaaS in 2015 so your organization can work securely in the cloud.

Tquila Relies on SaaS App Backup for Born-in-the-Cloud Business Model

Learn from Tquila's Bashir Qaasim why backup and restore for Google Apps and Salesforce are key to keeping business moving in the cloud.

How To Prevent Data Loss with Backup & Restore with Spanning CEO, Jeff Erramouspe

CEO of Spanning, Jeff Erramouspe, discusses data loss in cloud applications and how Spanning's backup and restore solutions can eliminate the risk of data loss.

Spanning - The Only In-App Backup Solution for Salesforce

Watch our VP of Sales, Garrett Jones, explain how Spanning Backup for Salesforce works to Thinkaholics at Dreamforce 2014.

Backing up Software-as-a-Service Applications

“Why do I need to back up my SaaS applications?” It’s a question we hear on a frequent basis. In this analyst report, Deni Connor and Earl Follis of SSG-NOW answer that question once and for all.

3 Ways to Restore Salesforce Data

How do you know when you need to do more to protect your Salesforce data? Learn about the best methods for restoring your lost Salesforce data and more.

Developer Guide: How to Make Your Canvas App Available on Salesforce1

With the launch of Salesforce1, it's becoming increasingly important to have your applications available on mobile.

#SalesforceSelfie: A Look Into The Diverse Salesforce Community

Check out our #SalesforceSelfie Infographic to learn about the diverse community of Salesforce Admins. Some of the stats may surprise you!

How to Install Spanning Backup for Google Apps in 52 Seconds

This video walks you through the incredibly easy installation and configuration process for Spanning Backup for Google Apps. Before you know it, your Google Apps files will be fully protected!

Slideshare: New Ways to Use Google Apps for Education and One Great Way to Protect It

Learn innovative ways to use Google Apps for Education in this presentation as well as how to protect the cool new projects you'll be generating from getting lost in the cloud.

SendGrid Never Worries about Salesforce Data with Spanning’s In-app, Daily Backup

Find out why SendGrid goes beyond the weekly manual export for Salesforce to keep critical data fully protected from loss.

VIF International Education Protects Google Apps and Salesforce Data with Spanning Backup

Mark Otter and Arne Plum of VIF are confident their international network can fully leverage the power of the cloud now that their Google Apps and Salesforce data is protected by Spanning Backup. Hear why backup and restore are so important to them here.

Making SaaS Data Protection a Priority Before It’s Too Late

Check out the latest IDG Research Quick Pulse report which shows some alarming trends across users and administrators of SaaS applications like Google Apps and Salesforce.

On-Demand Webinar: Google Apps Security: 13 Steps to Peace of Mind

Watch this webinar for a 13-step plan to keep your domain protected from hackers, data loss and interruptions to your operations.

Spanning Backup for Google Apps Demo

In this video, we show you how Spanning Backup for Google Apps works, including how to correct problems with and monitor your Google Apps backups, how to quickly and easily restore lost data, and how to manage users and permissions for your domain.

Spanning Backup for Salesforce Demo

In this video, we show you how Spanning Backup for Salesforce works, including how to easily monitor the status of your Salesforce backups, how to restore data without leaving the Salesforce app, and how to easily export Salesforce data.

Don’t Gamble With Your Company’s Future: The Top 5 Reasons You Need Backup for SaaS Applications

If you haven’t sought backup and recovery for your cloud-stored data, you’re playing a game of chance...and the odds are against you. This eBook will help you understand the most common threats to your business in the cloud, as well as how to protect your company from non-compliance and data loss.

The Google Apps Admin Guide to Peace of Mind

You’ve made the switch to Google Apps, but you keep hearing about serious security breaches, shrinking privacy, data loss, and other hazards of cloud computing. Is there anything you can do to protect your business from threats lurking in the cloud?