How Six Jackasses Threaten Your Office 365 Data


In this animated video, we briefly profile the six Jackasses that pose a constant threat to your organization’s Office 365 data. Whether on purpose or by accident, the dangers presented by these six characters are what make a trusted backup & recovery solution necessary.

Between the Smartasses (like a malicious insider who has ulterior motives) and Dumbasses (such as a junior admin that willingly complies with a damaging request), you can never afford to let your guard down. If you do though, it’s imperative to have a Badass like Captain Spanning that can save the day.

Learn how all six of these characters pose an ever-present threat to your Office 365 data and see how Spanning can help save your SaaS. After you watch the video, click the button below to get the full rap sheet on each of these Jackasses from the Spanning Backup County Jail.

See the Jackass Lineup