Protect Your House – Securing Your Microsoft 365 Tenant from External and Internal Threats

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Over 75% of SaaS customers experience a data loss incident every year.

Your Microsoft 365 tenant is at risk from both outside and inside the organization. Threats such as phishing, malware and ransomware, sync errors, bad deletion requests, malicious insider activity or simple human error can expose your organization or compromise credentials leading to unauthorized access and data loss.

Adding to the complexity are poorly architected third-party systems, management tools and applications that create backdoor vulnerabilities that often go unnoticed until after a breach occurs.

You need to protect your tenant the way you protect your house. You must ensure appropriate strategies and systems are in place to minimize the risk and frequency of compromise and mitigate the damage done when an inevitable data loss incident occurs.

Listen to Microsoft 365 MVP Matthew McDermott and Dave Wallen of Spanning as they quantify the risks, detail the threats, share strategies and actions as well as demonstrate how Spanning solutions can help you protect your precious Microsoft 365 house.

The webinar covers:

  • The threats to Microsoft 365 and how remote work increase the risk of tenant compromise.
  • Strategies and actions to improve Microsoft 365 account and data protection.
  • Overview and demonstration of Spanning 360 for Microsoft 365.