Reducing the Risk of Account Takeover: Spanning Backup and Dark Web Monitoring for Office 365

Account Takeover (ATO) attacks have become a very common and lucrative business for cybercriminals who steal or buy credentials in third-party breaches and then reuse them to gain easy access into corporate systems. Spanning’s newest feature, Dark Web Monitoring for Office 365, alerts administrators of compromised or stolen employee credentials, enabling them to take proactive steps to secure those accounts before malicious activity occurs. They can then leverage Spanning’s audit reporting and search capabilities to determine if data loss has taken place and restore any corrupted data in just a few clicks.

In this webinar, Dave Wallen, Spanning’s Director of Product Marketing, and Matt McDermott, Spanning’s Director of Product Management and Microsoft MVP, detail how to reduce the risk of an account takeover attack and discuss:

  • Office 365 data protection responsibilities
  • Best practices in user automation
  • Spanning’s automated backup & recovery solution + dark web monitoring functionality

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